Savage///Circuits is a project website devoted to electronics and microcontrollers and the things we create. new mascot preview

We have complete projects which include any schematics, source code and bill of materials when available.

We have tutorial videos on electronics, microcontrollers, projects, reviews and interviews such as Savage///Circuits TV.

We also have short demo and tutorial clips such as Short Circuits and other videos as well. Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We have product reviews on test tools, bench equipment and other hardware and electronics used by experimenters, hobbyists, hackers and engineers.

We no longer have a community forums. If you're wondering why please visit our History & Changes page. You can find former members of our forums at the ZappBots forums where I continue to post and share information as I used to do in our old forums. Please consider giving these forums a chance. Only participation will make them grow.