Roaming with PING)))

This video shows a BoE-Bot roaming using code I wrote for obstacle avoidance using the PING))) Mounting Bracket Kit (#570-28015). The robot will roam until any sensor detects an object. At that point the robot will stop and execute a 180 degree scan to find the most open route to escape. It will then head in that direction until any sensor is tripped again. There are simple and advanced versions of the code available.

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Wheel Platform 2 Sequences

This was the final testing I did with this platform before moving on to mid-size platform development (which later became the Stingray Robot). In this video you can see I programmed in a much more complex set of patterns for the robot to execute and this time indoors to avoid the noise of the tail wheel on the pavement. These routines are being executed by a BASIC Stamp 2 and two HB-25 Motor Controllers.

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Wheel Platform 2

This is the second generation platform built for testing the Motor Mount & Wheel Kit (#28962). It was pre-programmed with some sequences using a BASIC Stamp 2 on a Board of Education using two HB-25 Motor Controllers and a 12V @ 7Ah SLA Battery.

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Wheel Platform 1

This is the original platform I built in order to test the custom Motor Mount & Wheel Kit (#28962) for Parallax Inc. This platform was run entirely from a Radio Control system using a BASIC Stamp 2 for channel mixing and intentionally speed limited. This system also employs two HB-25 Motor Controllers and a 12V @ 7Ah SLA Battery.

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