Audio Projects

Production SNES / PC Amplifier

This was an 8-Watt/channel version of the prototype. It used two LM383 Amplifiers. This final version also had an input selector for switching between your SNES and/or Sega Genesis, plus a better case with venting. This unit is still in use today by some old friends, although a couple say the volume control is a little crackly when adjusting it. I sold many of these to hardcore console and PC gamers.

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Prototype SNES / PC Amplifier

This was a 2-Watt/channel audio amplifier designed for Super Nintendo or computer sound cards. This prototype used an integrated amp IC, volume control, power switch, power light, etc. The power supply was a surplus wall transformer, rated 15VDC @ 1000mA. This unit is still in use today by an old friend in NY. This project was a good example of what could be built using some spare parts found in my myriad of parts cabinets and drawers. 

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