Digital Thermostat

This project is kind of re-inventing the wheel, and cost more to build than to buy something similar. But the whole point is to have a little fun building something yourself, gaining experience from it, and getting exactly the features you want.

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BASIC Stamp Alarm System

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Build A Better Mousetrap

They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Well, if that's true then this project is living proof! Mice beware of the Mouse Motel! This BASIC Stamp 2 powered mousetrap can catch rodents live and alert you when one has been caught! You can then safely relocate the furry little rodents. This design could also be adapted to catch bigger animals as well.

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Prototype Alarm System

I purchased my first BASIC Stamp 2 Starter Kit in 2000. Once I got used to the programming I decided to port one of my existing alarm control systems over to it. This unit was the first alarm system I designed around the BASIC Stamp 2 to replace earlier Z80-based designs. Since it's a prototype, it's not intended for long-term use and differs slightly in design from the finished project.

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The BASIC Stamp Microcontroller can reduce the development time of many applications and therefore is a popular platform for both beginners and experienced developers. However the cost of the BASIC Stamp Microcontroller can be cost prohibitive in volume applications. This article shows several circuits and configurations for the BASIC Stamp 2 microcontroller designed to reduce BOM cost in OEM applications. These reference designs can be applied to all BASIC Stamp Microcontroller models.

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Audio Level Meters

These were the final version of my audio level meters, used on many audio projects, including audio amplifiers and audio controllers. They have 22 LEDs arranged as two rows of eleven and could be set to display in bar or dot mode.

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Prototype Audio Controller Main Board

Sometimes when you etch your own PCBs using resist ink you can have issues such as over or under etching the board. But I hadn't expected that my failure to clean and seal the board properly after soldering would result in oxidation eating the board away over the course of a year until my most complex hand-etched board would fail, taking my favorite and most used / enjoyed project with it.

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Custom Speaker System

While building custom amplifiers over 20W I found that my bookshelf speakers were too weak to handle the power and I never test amplifiers on my good home stereo speakers so it was time to build a custom set just for testing amplifiers over 50W. The result was a modest 80W RMS 3-Way speaker system.

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Prototype Power Amplifier

This is the working Prototype Power Amplifier I built around the LM3886T Power Amplifier IC. This unit was capable of approximately 85W RMS with a peak power output over 100W! This was the first amplifier I built that was over 50W as well as the first time I used this particular audio amplifier IC. This prototype would lead to several more refined versions that eventually became the amplifier I used for my DJ business.

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Prototype Audio Controller

This is the beginning of a newer type of amplifier I started building in 1994. This prototype audio controller uses the power supply and audio level meters mentioned in previous projects. It is designed to be half of a two-part system in which the audio signals from all your devices come into a central audio controller. Here the signals are processed and controlled and then fed into the other part of the system, which is the power amplifier. 

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