Have a project or product design in mind but don't quite have the technical knowledge or resources to realize it? Savage///Circuits can provide consulting or contracting services to help you realize your project or product goals.


Need an idea for a project? Savage///Circuits provides information on dozens of completed projects, most come with build plans, photos, schematics and source code. Many projects have videos associated with them. Some have been published in magazines.


Savage///Circuits posts tutorials on a wide variety of technical subjects, such as interface ICs and microcontroller accessories. We also provide example code and interface schematics for many devices. Let us know if there are tutorials you'd like to see listed.


We routinely review the Tools of the Trade, such as Bench Tools, Diagnostic Tools and Development Software. We also review other products such as Microcontroller Development Systems, Sensors and Accessories.

Savage///Circuits TV

Savage///Circuits TV is a series of videos dedicated to projects and product reviews by Savage///Circuits. The show used to be more expansive, covering a wide range of things. Moving forward all videos will be for projects or product reviews. Please see Short Circuits for tutorial videos.

Short Circuits

Short Circuits are tutorial videos focused on a specific task, such as interfacing a specific accessory to a specific microcontroller or a way of accomplishing a task in hardware or code. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for Short Circuits videos. We're always looking for new ideas.

Other Videos

We have other videos on our website such as random robotics videos, engineering humor, videos from events, etc. Some videos may just be random video clips of things in action. If you'd like to see a product in action or footage from an event we hosted please let us know.

Buy Stuff

The Savage///Circuits Vault was once the source for The Fellowship Of The Travelling Parts Box as well as the Monthly Prize Giveaway we used to run. But now everyone can take advantage of deals on parts from the vault. Some are one-of-a-kind items, while some are rare or hard to find items.

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