XBee Wi-Fi Over WAN IP

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The original project was a collaboration between myself and a member of my original website named, Luc Zontrop (Tumbler), who also did many of the graphics for my vBulletin website. In the original project, I built a small demo which simply counted from 0-65535 and sent these packets out over the internet to his IP address in Belgium, where Tumbler lives. The current counter was displayed on an LCD screen on my end. The original demo board is no longer around, however I do plan to recreate the project purposes of rebuilding this article.

When the packets reached Tumber’s system, they were displayed on a large lighted sign he created using LED strips. Each of us recorded video in real time of the packets being sent from my end in the United States (California), being received in Belgium and displayed on his sign. I created a split-screen video showing my end and his end, however all videos on my YouTube channel were lost, so the only video left is the one he did, which can be seen above on his channel.

Current Project

Since I no longer have the original demo board and have lost touch with Tumbler, I have decided to recreate the project here in the United States by sending data from another city, over the internet to my city, using two XBee Wi-Fi modules, one on the sender side, and one at my place.

I chose to be the receiver this time, because it is far easer to send, than to receive. When you’re the sender, you need only connect the XBee Wi-Fi to your network and set the destination IP address. As the receiver, you must connect the XBee Wi-Fi to your network, but you would also need to forward packets coming into your WAN IP address to the XBee module on your network. The way to do this varies with different router brands / models.

Getting Started

The first thing I need to do is create both boards (sender & receiver) in my own office. This way I can create the demo board wiring diagrams for both boards, as well as develop the code for each side. Then I need to find someone who is willing to build the sender demo board on their end, and coordinate a live demo with me.



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